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Milk Monitor is the result of years of farmer and vet feedback – and a lot of hard work!

The programme has been developed to cater for not only the dairy industry as a whole, but for farms and practices as individuals, with bespoke reports created to identify the specific needs of your herd.

Why choose Milk Monitor?

  • Comprehensive – where else can you draw on major industry data from milk-recording companies like NMR, CIS, QMMS alongside DeLaval, AlPro, Interherd and RoboVet, all in one place?
  • Relevant, up-to-the-minute data – Milk Monitor is regularly updated to ensure an accurate snapshot of the current market, with data that’s specific to your farm.
  • Bespoke – choose reports and analyse data to suit your requirements.
  • Data at Every Level – from cow and farm to veterinary practice and Superherd benchmarking, analysis is made easy at every stage.
  • Fast and Accurate – Milk Monitor computes millions of rows of relevant data within minutes.
  • Complete Peace of Mind – share data without compromising your identity; Milk Monitor is completely anonymous.

Join Milk Monitor today. Simply give us the go ahead to work with your data by submitting an Authorisation Form.

About Us
About Us